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Where Can I Find Something Good for My Kids to Watch? Try JellyTelly!

In this day and age screen time is just a fact of life, but it is so hard to find content suitable for little eyes. And even though there are some shows on broadcast tv or cable that are pretty good, the commercials can be really annoying or worse. I really want to have control over what my little ones are watching as long as I possibly can.

And that’s why I decided to go ahead and give JellyTelly a try.  JellyTelly was created by Phil Vischer (original creator of VeggieTales). They have a lot of FREE content on their blog, which is amazing, and you should subscribe to. That’s where we started.

I fell in love with their 5 minute Family Devotionals and signed up to receive them daily in my email.
My 2 year old daughter loved sitting with me as we would watch a short video and discuss the story. I love the crafts and coloring pages that they provide as well. We had a lot of fun cutting out the characters and re-playing the entire story again. And, as I mentioned, that is all FREE.

But they also have a streaming service with so much amazing content. I don’t let my daughter have too much screen time, but at least when she does I know that what she is watching is good, quality content. Sometimes, after the devotional we would hop on over to the JellyTelly app and find some short videos featuring the same bible story we just learned about.

You can find stuff for kids of all ages. She’s about 3 and right now she loves VeggieTales, Aardvark to Zucchini (which coincides beautifully with my plan to teach a letter every week), and Boz the Bear, whose theme song is forever stuck in my head. We have also used it to watch Slugs and Bugs videos and other worship songs too.

It’s really inexpensive, either $5/month or $50 for the year and super easy to use. If you pay for the year, you also get 2 MONTHS FREE.  Either way, you can try it out for a week for free too. Maddie has watched it on our computer, on our iPad, my phone and streamed through apple tv as well. They also have a Roku channel. So you can watch it basically on any device, which is really convenient!

Screen time is such a pressing issue that I will tackle again soon. What shows or services do you use with your kids? If you’ve heard of or already use JellyTelly, I would love to know as well.

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  1. Sharon says:

    I am so happy that you have found some worthwhile content in the ever increasing video market. Keep up the good work molding and shaping our little ones.

  2. Kristina says:

    Signing time is our go to source of entertainment. We make a big deal about it by going to the library and getting one along with some books. Go way to get out but something that is helping the development of her brain. I make sure she doesn’t watch much in the morning with her and I because when daddy comes home sometimes he puts on things to watch. It is interesting learning that balance

    • Becky Cox says:

      I agree about the balance. I am going to write about that in a future post. Not that I have it figured out, but rather some things I try to implement to help and kind of open it up for discussion. Kids sure do love screen time, but then again, so do I. I also love the utilizing the libraries resources!

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