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Friday Favorites: Slugs & Bugs Revisited

I know I already shared the top 5 reasons why my family loves Slugs & Bugs music, but I have to share it again. They are in the middle of their kickstarter campaign and it ends March 28. They have a goal of $65,000 and are getting close. They already have $63,000 pledged.  Since I first wrote this post they reached their goal! However, you can still help them reach their stretch-goals, which are a few family devotionals and another silly songs album.

They have been working to create two more Sing the Bible cd’s. I cannot rave enough about their cd’s. Just yesterday Maddie was playing her “piano”, this toy xylophone, and singing God’s word which she has learned through Slugs and Bugs.

These moments melt my heart. You can listen to some of the Sing the Bible Vol . 2 here.

I also love how kickstarter works because it’s really not just like fundraising. It’s almost like pre-ordering your merchandise. There are so many perks to sponsoring them, and they just added new benefits for the $35 and $60 levels. You can check it out here.

Did I mention how much fun their silly songs are too. Even those albums have a great balance of being fun for kids and speaking God’s truth too. You can check out some of those songs here.

All in all, if you are looking for some great music for your kids to listen to that won’t drive you up a wall after the 100th time of hearing the same song, then look no further.

*Some of the links above are my affiliate links, but the opinions are completely my own.

Top 5 Reasons Our Family Loves Slugs & Bugs Music

I love Slugs & Bugs! No, not the creepy crawly kind. I really can’t stand that kind. I’m talking about the kids music. I say kids music because that’s really who it’s intended for, but, not so secretly, I really love it too. Slugs & Bugs is the music brand started by Randall Goodgame and Andrew Peterson in an effort to create fun, quality music the whole family can enjoy. You can read more about their story here.

Here are the top 5 reasons why our family loves Slugs & Bugs music:

1. Slugs & Bugs LIVE

We recently saw them in concert at our church and it really helped enhance my kids love for Slugs & Bugs. It was exciting for Maddie to get to meet Mr. Randall Goodgame and thank him for the fun time. I was excited to get to meet him and thank him for his ministry and heart for kids and God’s word. The concert itself was full of action and interaction and videos. It held Maddie’s attention the entire time and even when it was getting close to bed time, she was still enthralled. She came home wanting to do all the actions for the songs, and we still do, at least the ones I can still remember.

2. It’s silly, fun and smart

The silly songs are intelligent, well-written and so much fun. I mean, everybody loves “The Camel Song”, right? And I can’t lie and say that the “Mexican Rhapsody” has not randomly popped into my head. Pico de gallo anyone? Oh, and my kids like them too. My almost three-year-old, Maddie will randomly burst out into “Tractor, Tractor”, or the “Bears” song. And after the concert she also randomly asks, “Have you looked under there?” (Check out the “Under Where?” song if you want to know why) Read more

Sunday Hymn Sing…and Thoughts on Worship

drummerOur church had what they called a Hymn Sing on Sunday night. John got to be a small part of it and play the drum set for a few songs. I know it was fun for him to get to play with such a large group, as opposed to the smaller worship band he regularly plays will. We have some amazing talent at our church and I really enjoyed the younger singers and special numbers that were sung.

As the the words to some of the songs ran across the screen I couldn’t help but contemplate the fascination that some have with hymns vs. the younger generations preference to “modern” worship songs. It seems that some almost revere the hymnal as God’s very word to us. By the way, it’s not, though many hymns are based in scripture. The same can be said for the worship songs of today. Many are straight out of the Psalms or other scripture passages.

I like “modern” worship songs. I like hymns. Do I have a preference? Sure. There are some hymns I like better than others. My favorites might not be your favorites. There are some worship songs I like better than others. I think the younger generations can relate more to “modern” worship because it speaks in a language they understand. Some of these hymns have an awful lot of thine’s and thou’s and phrases that nobody knows what they mean. Does that make them worthless, no. But it does make it harder to put your heart into when you are singing things to God that you don’t completely comprehend, using words and phrases you would never say in this lifetime.

So what makes good worship music? Anything that turns your heart to God and allows you to praise Him, to dwell on Him, to commune with Him. The style is irrelevant. The place is irrelevant. The heart is key.

Missed Winter Jam….No Worries!

Winter Jam was awesome and you can learn more by checking out my post about it. Odds are though, if you haven’t been able to go you won’t be able to this year. There are only 2 more shows. HOWEVER, they are choosing to do a webcast of the event FREE this Saturday March 30.

Here’s what you need to know:


We’ll begin rocking the AT&T Center in San Antonio LIVE beginning at 6 p.m.CDT on Saturday, March 30, 2013. Streams will be online 15 minutes beforethe event so you can get your virtual seat. Simply
click here(www.stagehop.com/winterjam) and log in with either your
StageHop account or Facebook, and you’ll land on the watch page. A special thanks to StageHop.com for hosting the webcast and providing the coolest technology that will let you choose the unique multi-screen player, or pick your favorite camera angle and watch just that one. You can watch from your computer or most smart phones andmobile devices.

You can also just visit the Winter Jam site and register for the event that way. What a fun way to rock out. Hook up your computer to your tv, or use your techno gadgets to do the same, turn it up and jump around your living room to a really jammin’ concert.

Winter Jam Keeps Us Warm

We arrived at the Sears Center arena an hour before the doors were set to open and the line was already pretty long. It snaked around the parking lot and we huddled together tightly, mostly due to the cold. 10 minutes in and I was cold, 20 minutes and I was pretty much frozen. 25 minutes and my toes felt like they were going to fall off. They opened the doors early and I couldn’t have been more thankful. I was so happy to get inside just to be inside some place warm.

We headed up to the second level instead of fooling with the ground floor and I’m happy we did. It was empty so we had all the time in the world to choose the exact front row balcony seats that we wanted, close to the stage. Great view! I suppose it was worth my toes freezing.

Newsong rocked it with some great lyrics and awesome lighting effects
Newsong rocked it with some great lyrics and awesome lighting effects
They have gotten better since the last time we saw them.
They have gotten better since the last time we saw them.

Winter Jam rocked! Got to see some new bands that I didn’t know much about and enjoyed some old ones that I like. I know John loved RED.

fun flaming excitement
fun flaming excitement
Any hint of coldness left with these flames!
Any hint of coldness left with these flames!

It was just a really fun time. And I love that concerts like this are so much more than just a good time. They are a good time gathering in the name of Jesus and praising his name with thousands of others. It’s an awesome thing! It’s great fun to praise and worship God in an arena setting, in all sorts of fashions wether its by song, dance, clapping, shouting or lifting hands. That’s why we go. And that’s what makes it so much better than any other concert. It’s fun, it gets the blood flowing, but it points to the source of the most abundant life you can ever dream of – Jesus Christ.

Local boy sings his heart out. Love his new album concept as well.
Local boy sings his heart out. Love his new album concept as well.
Groves to get you hoppin'!
Groves to get you hoppin’!

If you haven’t been able to go check out if they have any more concerts in your area.

Winter Jam

Winter Jam in 2 Days!

WinterJam 2013

Winter Jam is an amazing concert that consists of a group of some of the top Christian artists of today. This year the lineup is great and the headliners are TobyMac, RED, Matthew West and Jamie Grace. Seriously, I am so excited to go.

The best thing about this concert is that it only costs $10 to get in. ONLY $10. Where else can you go to a concert for $10? Plus, it’s general admission so you just show up and pay at the door.

The Winter Jam Tour goes all over the US, so check their site for a location near you. For Chicagoland it’s THIS SATURDAY at the Sears Center Arena, in Hoffman Estates. John and I are gonna be there. How bout you?

Hooked on Hawkins

John’s surprise bday gift this year was tickets to go see Tim Hawkins live. We already own all of his dvd’s and love his comedy. So when I saw that he was going to be in the area around John’s birthday I knew it was the perfect gift.

He was so surprised and thrilled when he found out where we were going. And I gotta tell you, the event did not disappoint. Can’t wait til that set is on dvd because it was a laugh fest for sure!

In case you are wondering what I am talking about Tim Hawkins is a Christian comedian. He is a Christian. His comedy isn’t “Christian.” It’s just good, clean, ridiculously hilarious humor. He uses music alot as well in his comedy. If you have never heard of him before you should check him out. Visit his website or even just do a search on YouTube.

His outfit for the first song.

Here is one of his more recent songs and the Official video of it from Youtube. Enjoy and be sure to support him and check out more of his comedy. Seriously, we have seen the dvd’s again and again and again and they never get old and we still laugh at the same jokes every time! Especially in a day and age where comedy is equated to sex and crude-ness he is a breath of fresh air! Go get your laugh on!

Help Support VOTA!

Vota is a great Christian rock band which we had the pleasure of hearing first a few years ago at a Newsboys concert. They are not super mainstream, but they were good.

They are raising support for the recording of their album and you can help. Check out the video and link to find out more. It’s pretty cool though. And if they don’t make their goal, you will not be charged anything you contribute.

Make Your Move Tour

Went to a concert last night – Tenth Avenue North & Third Day

Tenth Ave North is a great band and actually they are the artist of the song that I walked down the aisle to at our wedding so I am kind of sentimental about that. But seriously they have a great heart and a good message.

Tenth Ave. North

Third Day is amazing too and they played a long time. We left a little before the encore because it was a very late night for us with work the next day but it rocked! I love the southern/ country / rock sound they bring.

I love paying to rock out in praise to God!

The Power of Love and Music

Les Miserables


We went to see the theater production at the Cadilac Palace Theater downtown a month ago and we both loved it. Amazing music, production and story. I cried alot during the 2nd half, but that’s to be expected.
It is such a beautiful story with so much depth. I saw some parallels watching it that made me extremely thankful for God’s grace, mercy and love. The law condemns, nothing more. The law without grace is why Romans 6:23 says “the wages of sin is death.” We deserve death according to “the law”, God’s standard of holiness. But unlike Javier who did not understand that God could change hearts and allow someone to become righteous through Jesus’ sacrifice, God imparts his grace and mercy on us because of his love. He gives us a chance to escape the punishment we deserve. How amazing is His agape love! Truly “we love, because he first loved us.”