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Homemade Crib Rail Protection you Won’t Find on Pinterest

It may be a slight exaggeration to say that my son is part beaver, but seriously, has your crib ever looked like this?

I know we shouldn’t compare children, but my daughter never left marks like this. Teeth marks, yes, but not gnawing like she was going to bite through the bars completely.

I knew I had to do something when I came in to get him from his nap and there were brown paint chips all over his face from the crib. That can’t be healthy.

I remembered seeing somewhere about how people used pool noodles and you could make a fabric overlay for them and use that. Great idea! But I am not a sewer, and have no sewing machine or time to learn. And besides, this was an emergency. Something had to happen, like, now, before he got a splinter in his mouth.

So, this is what I came up with on the fly, without purchasing anything.

What you need: a pool noodle, scissors or knife, clean old socks (we had a bag full that we’ve used for cleaning), duct tape.

Pinterest pretty? Definitely not. Practical, fast and frugal? You better believe it!

It also was a work in progress, as my first attempt, I quickly realized, had some flaws. The first being, it was too easy to remove. I learned this when checking on him while napping. The guardrail was not where I put it, but instead, right beside my sleeping guy. Not super effective.

Attempt two was to tie it down with string. This worked great for a time, but then he started pulling on the socks and then would come off from under the string and one of the strings even broke all together. Never underestimate the strength of a one year old boy.

Finally, I resorted to my favorite weapon of choice, duct tape. Seriously, you can do anything with this stuff. I made strips of duct tape which I folded on to themselves to create a wrap. Then I duct taped my duct-tape wrap in intervals around the guard rail so it couldn’t go anywhere, and the socks could not be removed. I could have just duct-taped it by itself, but I was trying to avoid leaving behind any sticky residue on the crib itself.

This has worked beautifully. It’s been in place now for about 3 months and has successfully eliminated our little beaver from gnawing further.

Do you have any baby hacks that you’ve resorted to when a problem arises?


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