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Monday Meal Plan: Week of May 15


The warmer weather finally seems to be upon us. Yay!  So excited for that. This past week I have been sick with a bad cold so I took Friday off from cooking and instead of baked spaghetti, we had frozen pizza. We used to eat frozen pizza more often, but then my 3 year old decided that pizza doesn’t agree with her, so we don’t have it much anymore. Probably better for our health, but it was so easy.


• Cheesy Egg Bake

• Pancakes & Fruit

• Bagels & Fruit


• Leftovers, Chicken patties in freezer, PB&J, Smoothies


• Rice Krispie Treats for a get together

Sunday: Party with family.

• Leftovers from the weekend

• Burgers & Fries

Baked Spaghetti

• Leftovers

Pesto Chicken Panini, Chips, Fruit
This is one of our favorite “grilled cheese” recipes. I don’t think we have ever actually used focaccia bread.  I love it because it’s super simple and the kids love it. Plus, it tastes really good. I usually just thaw shredded chicken that I have in the freezer. I will buy chicken on sale then cook a big batch in the crockpot and put it in bags about 1 lb each in the freezer to use for this or enchiladas. It’s so convenient to have it already shredded and cooked.





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