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Monday Meal Plan: Week of May 29


Have I mentioned this cold that totally knocked me down? This week by mid-week I finally started feeling more energetic. But it is still not 100% gone. I am just thankful I have a lot more energy and stamina. I need it to keep up with my littles.

I really need some warmer weather too so I was thankful that the end of last week brought some sunshine and temps warm enough to get outside and play. That is just what we all needed.

This week is the last week before our family heads out to Wisconsin for a much-needed and anticipated vacation. So I am trying to keep things simple and use up everything we can. We managed, yet again, to not use all the meals I had planned last week, so some are carrying over.

We did try the Lentil Tortilla Soup though and it was a hit with me and John, but not so much with the kids. Toddlers can be so picky. At least they enjoyed the avocado, and we did manage to get some in them, but leftovers were not as successful. Oh well, at least I found a recipe for us that we enjoyed. We topped the “soup”, it was more like stew, with crushed tortilla chips, chopped up jalapeños, red onions, cheese, cilantro and some salsa. It was tasty!


• Waffles & Fruit

• Oatmeal

• Eggs, Toast, Fruit

Blueberry French Toast Casserole


• Leftovers, Chicken patties in freezer, Smoothies, Yogurt


• Dinner at my parents’ – Leftover pizza

Leftovers from my parents’

Happy Memorial Day – BBQ with family. I will bring Rice Krispies

• Honey Garlic Chicken & Veggies
This is a new one too.

• Ravioli

• Chili Mac

• Fish Sticks & Green Beans





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