Monday Meal Plan: Week of April 17

Argghh..I am late in getting this out, yet again. But this time at least I have a good excuse. My husband took off today and we had an unplanned trip to the zoo. It worked out great because it ended up being a gorgeous, 70 degree, sunny day. Seriously, you could not have asked for better weather. We wore ourselves out having fun and loved every minute.

This week we will be celebrating my daughters third birthday. So I chose meals that I know she really likes.
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Preparing for Easter

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Easter is fast approaching, and if you’re anything like me, then you don’t feel prepared mentally. But there are things you and your children can do to prepare for Easter.

Family Devotionals

I have been doing devotionals with my kids everyday using the JellyTelly 5 Minute Family Devotionals for Easter. If you don’t know what JellyTelly is you can check out my post all about it here. Those have been wonderful. Every morning I read a short passage of scripture, read the prompt and they watch a short video. Then we briefly talk about what they learned and we pray. My kids are young, 3 and 1, so short is a must. But I feel like it has helped me too.

Listen to Podcasts

Sometimes you may not have time to sit and read for great lengths of time, but listening can be done while on the go, or while doing tasks. I love listening to podcasts as often as I can. Recently FamilyLife had a series on celebrating Easter with your family which was really spot-on and gave many good things to think about in regards to Easter traditions. I highly recommend that you check it out for ideas on how to start meaningful traditions for your Easter that focus more on Christ than eggs and bunnies. Read more

Meal Planning: How I Plan for the Week

Meal planning and shopping has changed a bit for me since having kids, but essentially I am doing the same things I have always done. My time is more limited now, so I really try to get it done as quickly as possible. This is my method.

How to Make the Most of Your Dollar When Meal Planning

Step One – Go through the store circulars for your top stores.

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Monday Meal Plan: Week of April 3rd

I have to apologize again, for not getting my meal planning post out last week. This week it will come out. Spring break week started out really rough with John, Asher and I all getting a stomach bug. Even though it was only 24 hours of complete awfulness, it really took me at least half the week to feel completely better. Between that and our different schedule, I was just not up to blogging. Sometimes, life is just like that.

Because of getting sick and some other fun things added in, we ended up not using all the meals I planned for, so many this week are carrying over from last week. I love when that happens because it means we spend less at the store.
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My Homemaking Mentor Academy: Enrollment is Only Open until April 3

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First of all, I just want to apologize for telling you all about this amazing academy so late in the game. Enrollment is only open through tomorrow, April 3. It’s been a crazy week, and I did not feel up to blogging. But, there is still a little time, so check it out.

My Homemaking Mentor is an online training academy designed for Christian women who want to craft a gospel-centered home. I am so excited about this academy. The courses offered are extremely practical and helpful. And better yet, you get LIFETIME access to all the courses included now and any added in the future. Plus, you will be part of an awesome community of like-minded women.

What is included in the academy?

15 full courses on homemaking
50+ practical videos
12 Titus 2 mentors to guide you through the academy
Printables & worksheets
Instant and lifetime access to the academy, including any future additions
The ability to listen and watch anytime, anywhere, on any device

You can also check out the link below for a more in depth look inside the academy.

What is the cost?

$99, which may seem high, but as I mentioned, you get lifetime access to all that is offered now, in addition to any future courses added, and I know that more will be added. They also offer 100% money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied, but I know this academy is amazing, so I doubt that gets used much.

Why do I need this?

Lets face it. Not all of us had great mentors, teachers or parents modeling for us what homemaking is all about. It’s not like it’s taught in schools. So where do you learn about what homemaking is, and not only homemaking, but biblical homemaking? There are many resources spread out all over, but this is a resource all in one place that you can keep coming back to again and again.

I have not personally gone through the academy yet, but I love what’s in the courses and know the importance of each subject matter. I have spent many hours researching these things for myself before the academy ever came to be.

In our budget right now, $99 is just not gonna work, so I completely get that. If you are a little tight on funds right now, Jami Balmet does offer a FREE e-course, which I highly recommend as well. It’s called Finding Joy in Your Home, Essential Habits for Christian Homemakers. This is also a great introduction to the types of courses you would find in the academy.

Again, I apologize for posting this so late, but I wanted to make sure you at least had an opportunity to check it out for yourself. If you do end up joining, please let me know. I would love to hear your feedback.

Happy Homemaking!

Monday Meal Plan: Week of March 27

This week John is on Spring Break so our schedule is going to look slightly differently. I wanted quick and easy meals and I know that things might get switched around depending on the weather and what we end up doing as a family.

Also, I wanted to let you know that later this week I am going to share the process I use for actually putting together my meal plans. Yes, there is a method.
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3 Silicone Kitchen Products I Love

I know Silicone baking mats and other such products have been around for a while and I just wasn’t sure about them. I am not quick to jump on most bandwagons. I like things to be tested by someone else before I will invest in the new and latest thing. But when I heard Sally from Sally’s Baking Addiction rave about them when I heard her speak at a baking expo, I was sold. So I asked for some baking mats for Christmas and it was love at first use.

The links below are my affiliate links, but the opinions are all my own.

3 Silicone Kitchen Products I love:

Silicone Baking Mats

Now that I have them I have been wondering how I ever lived so long without them. Seriously, I love these baking mats! They are so versatile and make for some very easy cleanup. You just put them right on top of your cookie sheets and the cookies bake very nicely. It’s kind of like putting parchment paper down, only you don’t throw them away.

I love the fact that I have three different sizes too, though I mostly use the larger size. And I also love the fact that it shows different sized circles on it. It makes it easy to plop the cookie batter right in the circles so I don’t have to guess where I should place on the tray.

Did I mention they are also great for rolling out dough on because they have a naturally stickiness to them so it will stick to the countertop and not bunch up when you try to roll out a dough. They are so versatile and they keep everything from sticking to the bottom of your pans. Say goodbye to burned cookie bottoms and pan scraping and hello to silicone baking mats. Read more

Homemade Edible Play Dough Saves the Day and Makes Us Blue

Last Monday it snowed here. We haven’t seen snow in a while, and even though we could have still gone out, I opted for an inside day. Normally, I hate inside days because they are torture with two little ones under 3. But I guess I was feeling rather adventurous. I found this recipe for edible play dough on Pinterest a few weeks ago and decided it would be the perfect time to try it out.

It’s super simple, only 3 ingredients: coconut oil, cornstarch and marshmallows.

Maddie helped me count out the marshmallows and put them in each bowl.

I added the rest of the ingredients and food coloring and ended up making three colors: pink, purple, and blue.

It was a little more dense than I thought it would be, but we were able to make a few things with it.

As I finished helping Maddie make a snake I took a peek at Asher and discovered that he really liked it too, only in a much different way.

I was so happy it was edible because he thought it was snack time, not play time.

By the end of our time he had it everywhere! In hindsight I should have stripped him down before we began, but I don’t think of that in the middle of winter. Needless to say, after play dough time came bath time.

I didn’t really care for the consistency of the dough but it did the job of helping pass the time and it was simple to make and clean up from. Maybe I would try it again and mess with the ratio of ingredients.

What are your favorite ways of passing the time with little ones when you are stuck indoors?