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Monday Meal Plan: Week of June 19


I am so loving this summer weather, perfect for swimming and trips to indoor places, with a walk or two outside during cooler moments. I feel like it’s always a challenge to plan dinners without using the oven, but now is the time. So here is my oven less (minus breakfast) meal plan for this week.

I have lots of new recipes we are trying this week. I’ll do the recap next week to let you know if there were any keepers.

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Monday Meal Plan: Week of June 12


You may have noticed that I did not post my meal plan last week. That’s because I did not plan any meals, as our family was on a Wisconsin vacation. We had a blast and I will share more about that soon. Even though we did cook a lot of meals, I didn’t have to plan them so I took a week off.

And after going to the doctor and getting some antibiotics I finally got over my sinus/cold issues that have plagued me the last month. So I am feeling much better. I am happy to get back on my feet and get back to blogging.

This week I had to plan quick, easy meals on Saturday night when we got back from our vacation, so they are simple and many use parts of things we had on hand already. Nothing says welcome home from vacation like grocery shopping. *Note the sarcasm.

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Monday Meal Plan: Week of May 29


Have I mentioned this cold that totally knocked me down? This week by mid-week I finally started feeling more energetic. But it is still not 100% gone. I am just thankful I have a lot more energy and stamina. I need it to keep up with my littles.

I really need some warmer weather too so I was thankful that the end of last week brought some sunshine and temps warm enough to get outside and play. That is just what we all needed.

This week is the last week before our family heads out to Wisconsin for a much-needed and anticipated vacation. So I am trying to keep things simple and use up everything we can. We managed, yet again, to not use all the meals I had planned last week, so some are carrying over.

We did try the Lentil Tortilla Soup though and it was a hit with me and John, but not so much with the kids. Toddlers can be so picky. At least they enjoyed the avocado, and we did manage to get some in them, but leftovers were not as successful. Oh well, at least I found a recipe for us that we enjoyed. We topped the “soup”, it was more like stew, with crushed tortilla chips, chopped up jalapeños, red onions, cheese, cilantro and some salsa. It was tasty!

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Monday Meal Plan: Week of May 22


This week I continued to fight my cold, which finally seems to be dissipating. So, I tried to do things as easily as possible. Plus, we ended up having leftovers from a few get-togethers and ate those for 3 meals this week. Also, I snagged a free Papa John’s Pizza from an email I got from them. It’s not the best pizza, but for free, I’ll take it.

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Monday Meal Plan: Week of May 15


The warmer weather finally seems to be upon us. Yay!  So excited for that. This past week I have been sick with a bad cold so I took Friday off from cooking and instead of baked spaghetti, we had frozen pizza. We used to eat frozen pizza more often, but then my 3 year old decided that pizza doesn’t agree with her, so we don’t have it much anymore. Probably better for our health, but it was so easy.

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Monday Meal Plan: Week of May 8


Smoothie season is upon us and even though the weather is not quite as warm as I’d like, my kids have been loving having a few smoothies. I love them because they are a great way to get in hidden veggies as well. Some spinach here, a carrot there. At least 1 serving of veggies in every cup, and they love drinking them, as do I. Yay for warmer weather.

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Monday Meal Plan: Week of May 1

Last week I was supposed to make the Lemon Blueberry Bread, but I forgot to buy blueberries so instead I made Strawberry Shortcake Scones. It was a pretty simple recipe and they came out so delicious. Definitely a keeper. I am so bad about taking pictures so I don’t have any, but I can vouch for the great taste! One thing I really liked was that even with the icing, they weren’t overly sweet.

I know in previous posts I have shared the benefits of meal planning. One other important thing to remember is that it’s not set in stone and having the meals on hand means you have flexibility to change things around. That seems to happen more often lately in our family.

Last week, my daughter got sick so everything got switched around, but I was thankful we had plenty of options on hand to choose from.

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Monday Meal Plan: Week of April 17

Argghh..I am late in getting this out, yet again. But this time at least I have a good excuse. My husband took off today and we had an unplanned trip to the zoo. It worked out great because it ended up being a gorgeous, 70 degree, sunny day. Seriously, you could not have asked for better weather. We wore ourselves out having fun and loved every minute.

This week we will be celebrating my daughters third birthday. So I chose meals that I know she really likes.
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